First off – choose the right Wedding DJ for you. If you haven’t done that yet then read my previous blog first: choose the right Wedding DJ. Then come back and read this….I’ll wait…

For the rest of us that have chosen the right Wedding DJ it is time to do your part to help another age old concern ‘I just want everyone to dance’

Here are the 3 easy things YOU can do to get everyone to dance!

1. Make sure your venue has good lighting.

If dancing all night long is high on your priority list then make sure your venue has the right mood/lighting/ambience to encourage guests to do that!

When checking out your venue ask about the lighting during the dance floor times of the night. You would be surprised how many venues leave all the lights on creating no atmosphere for people to want to get up and dance. Please be aware the lighting isn’t everything but it is a huge compliment to the music. It doesn’t have to be dark like a nightclub – just the right amount of ambience, dim lights and mood does wonders to help make it inviting for your guests to join the dance floor.

A great example is Zonzo (pictured below)

2. The Bride and Groom need to dance!

Your Wedding day is all about you – all of your guests are there to see you. They want to be near you, they want to talk to you. It’s basically you, you, you…

This point may seem obvious but a lot of brides and grooms get caught up chatting in the corner to their aunty for 30 minutes. I’m not saying to ignore aunt Betty, by all means chat to everyone, but do it while they are seated and eating their meals. That is the best time for that. So when that music starts and the lights go down it’s up to you to hit the dance floor and if you are there then your guests have to moon walk/shuffle or slide-on-over to be able to talk to you.

Just you being on the dance floor will bring many guests over and create the vibe that you want.

Pictured below was our amazing Bride and Groom Danni & Ivi who stayed on the dance floor all night – and look what the guests are doing…

3. Don’t Stop the Party!

Dancing and music is all about the mood and vibe. If people are dancing and the mood is right, you want to keep that going. If for some reason the music needs to stop because dessert needs to be announced or someone wants to let everyone know the bar is closing, that is a great way to kill the vibe. All that does is send people off the dance floor. People will know when dessert comes out and they will go eat if they want but if people want to dance then let them dance! The main point here is to let the party happen naturally and flow without having to stop every 30 minutes.

I hope that helped! These 3 quick tips will be a huge difference on your Wedding night.

If you had any questions or just want to talk music or ideas for your Wedding please get in touch here:

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Director / DJ

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